2019 Marketing Growth Tactics

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You started 2019 with the right attitude, having amazing intentions and goals to grow your business. My hope is that you are on track and having much success. Cheers to you! If you are on the opposite side of this excitement and struggling to consider where you should focus your marketing efforts to effectively grow your business, here are a few growth tactics to get you going. A deeper dive into your target audience, will lead you to a common and very effective practice of creating customer personas. Customer Personas are created to represent a specific person and is aimed directly to get their attention. Think of this strategy as a bulls eye approach to focus on your mark. By creating complete profiles of your target customers you will have an outline of their specific needs, values and expectations. This step will prepare you to craft messaging that speaks directly to your target audience. Although targeted messaging has a smaller reach, it produces better results than mass marketing, because it is designed around specific needs and preferences which ultimately brings more value to your target audience.

Remember, every aspect of your marketing should clearly define the destination you seek and the actions you wish your customers and prospects to take. Monitor the flow of the actions outlined above and make the necessary changes as needed to ensure you stay on track. To see success over the next few months and continue your business growth for 2019, focus on the below marketing growth tactics.

Consider the following:
  • How do my marketing tactics align with my business goals?
  • What are the objectives of my marketing tactics?
  • How do my marketing efforts support one another?
  • What are the key indicators of success?
Customer Persona Questions
  • What is your customer’s gender and age?
  • What level of education does your customer have?
  • What is the income level of your customer?
  • What type of persona/lifestyle does your customer lead?
  • What other brands is your customer loyalty to?


Think deeply about your marketing efforts and remember to align your branding across all channels including your website landing pages, social media channels, email marketing, etc. To learn more about how customer persona’s and growth marketing tactics can support your business growth, Marketing 4 Results is happy to help contact us today.

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