Frequently Asked Questions

Our passion for marketing and 15+ years of experience successfully supporting B2B and B2C small businesses across the United States in the industries of real estate, restoration, retail and juvenile products. Since 2015 we have helped hundreds of business grow by understanding and implementing the fundamental principles of marketing to every campaign.

We ensure our clients marketing is seamlessly aligned across all elements including: website, direct mail postcards, e-newsletters, text marketing, social media marketing, advertising media and events. We help our clients to understand the benefits of putting customers first, to expand brand equity and increase sales.

We love marketing, so we are open to help any company grow and learn the basic principles of marketing that matter to business growth. We specialize in the industries of restoration, real estate and retail.
Your account will be assigned/managed by a specific account manager.

You can reach us by phone or text, M-F 8:00am – 5:00pm at 818.824.4479.
At the end of the every month, we will meet to discuss: campaign activity, results and plans for the next month. The first 30-60 days of all new marketing campaigns are the most critical.

To create a successful campaign, we provide short-term meetings at the end of each week for the first month. After the first month, we meet at the end of each month to share monthly reports, campaign activity/results and steps for the next month.

A kickoff call is assigned to all new accounts. This is where we outline a campaign plan and strategy. This process includes a comprehensive outline of your internal team, business objectives, a review of all current marketing, sales, operations, customer service and operations.
Although any of our team members can assist with general campaign questions during office hours, your assigned account manager is the best person to answer specific marketing campaign questions.
Your assigned account manager will handle all collaboration including video shoots, collaboration on annual sales meetings, vendor meetings, staff and general corporate meetings.
We can help businesses of all sizes to align top trending marketing tactics to meet desired business goals. Our sweet spot of clients are B2B and B2C, SMB’s with 3-10 years in business $1-10 million in annual sales revenue.
Engagement is crucial to effectively grow a business. We help our clients build a strategic online presence including, social media, online reputation management and SEO. All of which should be included and nurtured throughout your company to expand your overall brand presence. We have a goal to ensure your target audience and customer journey are customized to build engagement consistency over time.
All contracts terms are month to month with no long-term commitment obligations. If you are unsatisfied with the results, immediately contact your account manager and schedule an account review. With consideration to the contract terms, our team will always do our best to devise a plan that best fits the needs of our clients and their unique marketing goals.

Our team will work diligently to best understand your business and learn as much as we can from your internal team and current customers. We do this to help us maintain authenticity in your brands tone of voice. This consulting stage allows us to tailor a communication style that will help to elevate your business.

We generally begin implementing plans at either the beginning or end of each month, after extensive research and benchmarks have been established to specifically support sales growth.

Our clients happiness and increased business growth is our primary goal for every campaign. This looks different for each business, since marketing is a very powerful tool as well as a continuous process to build your brand. With so many layers, we maintain a focus to keep what is working and remove/modify marketing tactics that are not driving sales.
Elevate our clients business to the next level with a customer-centric business model. We understand successful marketing happens with intention, consistency and relationships, so we always focus on those elements of business. We do not look at marketing in a transaction manner. We focus on customer loyalty to get more people to know who you are and what you do and why your company is the best solution to fill a need.
The power of marketing is to directly align a brand to a very specific niche target audience. Once that is done the ongoing principles are authenticity, diligence and patience. Success does not happen overnight and if it does it can also likely be lost just as quickly. Our goal is to align in all avenues of marketing online/offline etc. including website, direct mail/postcards, email marketing, social media marketing, webinars and events.

Customer Satisfaction is very important. Our specialized team is committed to supporting the success of our clients daily. We follow strategic and proven marketing tactics and always focus on brand building. As technology continues to evolve, we make sure our clients have the most up-to-date/cost effective strategy in place. All changes in campaign management will be reviewed and discussed before execution.

Email Marketing FAQ's

Your account manager post will pull curated content based on top performing content on other platforms and continues the conversation; monitors open rates, comments/questions and analyzes engagement to determine content for the next month. We keep top performing content and remove non-performing content.
Content curated by M4RR will be relevant to your product/service, company highlights, promotional events, local events, team photos and holidays.

New campaigns are generally underway within 48-72 hours.  After your initial kick off call, you will be assigned an account manager that will review strategy, content requirements and develop a specific outline for your business.

Social Media FAQ's

Your account manager will post curated content, monitor your social media accounts for comments/questions and at the end of each month, analyze engagement to determine content for the next month. We only build on top performing content.
Content curated by Marketing 4 Real Results will be relevant to your product/services, company highlights, promotional events, local events, etc. In addition, we also curate content based on current news, trending topics and holidays with a goal to continually improve audience engagement. Successful engagement categories: CEO message, a day in the life of your business, company events, promotional photos, grand openings etc.
All comments are custom and approved prior to posting. We ask clients to provide a list of suggested comments prior to starting a social media campaign. This is usually done during the kick-off call.
Yes. Any features that you feel will enhance the success of your marketing campaign are welcome. Since Marketing 4 Real Results is a strategy-based marketing agency, we appreciate input from our clients since you have first hand experiences with your prospects and clients.
We target your audience based on business goals, customer base and years in business. We analyze this through a series of marketing strategies.
New campaigns are generally underway within 48-72 hours. After your initial kick off call, your account will be assigned to a social media manager that will develop a specific plan.