Is It Time To Hire A Marketing Consultant

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What Are Your Marketing Challenges

If you do not have someone on your team that can help you best understand how to obtain new clients consistently and engage current customers daily, then it may be time to hire a marketing consultant.  Many businesses struggle for years operating in the red, before they decide to make a change and bring in someone to turn the tide.  Considering the reality that change is hard for most people that fear causes stress and anxiety.  If the desire to grow your business holds a more prominent position than fear of losing your business, you are ready to devise a plan that will take your business to the next level. Before you take the leap and hire the first person at the cheapest rate, it is important to gauge the level of support you need and clearly define the objectives you would like to accomplish with this new addition to your team.

If you are thinking….if I knew what to do then why would I need to hire someone, you are incorrect.  Hiring a marketing marketing consultant will help you attach a series of marketing activities that match your business goals.  At Marketing 4 Real Results we take the time to understand teams, marketplace position, history in business, industry nuances and budget before we commit to any new client. We work with well-established brands as well as businesses just starting out that are ready to go to the next level.  The desire to grow effectively and efficiently is the best way to begin with a marketing consultant. Change will be required and testing will be inevitable and a commitment to stand the test of time is needed.

Generally introducing disruption to the business process is needed since the old is not working, we must try the next and potentially overlooked or unknown elements. We utilize a broad set of traditional marketing variables and assign a proven business model with set business objectives, marketing plans and marketing asset allocation.

How Can A Marketing Consultant Help?
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Analyze your competitive landscape
  • Suggest innovative technologies, apps and services
  • Make improvements to your sales, marketing, customer service and operations 
  • Develop and create marketing campaigns
  • Create a vision and mission for your business
  • Evaluate the lifetime value of your customers
  • Help you business understand and engage your target audience 
  • Build brand awareness strategy


Taking Your Business To The Next Level requires a combination of activity both analytical “left-brain” and creative/strategic “right-brain” skillsets to improve your marketing campaign effectiveness.  At Marketing 4 Real Results, we take this into consideration when allocating a team to your projects.  Although both sides of our brains look very much alike, there’s a huge difference in how they process information.

Left and Right Brain Skillsets


The left side of our brains are intellectual, logical and identify with facts and details. People with strong left-brain skills are often very bright, have a large vocabulary and memories interesting facts in a wide range of topics.

Left Brain Strengths:

Single Task | Logical | Intellectual | Detail orientated | Looks at the facts | Looks for order | Planner | Forms Strategies | Prefers numbers | Analytical

The right side of our brains are visual and intuitive.  People with strong right-brain skills are often more  creative and have a less organized way of thinking.

Right Brain Strengths

Impulsive | “Big picture thinker | Visual | Emotional

Spontaneous | Risk taking | Imagination | Creative

Marketing 4 Real Results takes into consideration all aspects of campaign effectiveness and explore all seeds of an idea to help you deliver results for your business. We have a diverse group of talent from both left and right brain strengths to ensure we can help you to understand the needs and wants of your target customers. Our goal on every campaign is to help you understand the benefits of adopting a customer centric marketing mindset to encourage repeat business, improved customer loyalty and business growth.  We are ready to collaborate with you to build and execute strategic marketing campaigns.  Don’t wait.  Get started today! Contact Us!

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