Restoration Marketing Fundamentals

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What You Need To Know About Restoration Marketing

When it’s time to market your restoration business, it’s important to not only focus on the promotion of restoration services, (restore property to its original condition, and/or prevent further damage), which is critical, but to include the benefits of such services to families, businesses and communities.

Consider this, a large percentage of restoration services are repair or replacement of damaged property, caused by either water damage which can turn into mold remediation if the water is not quickly extracted or fire damage.  As we dive deeper into the marketing psychology there is an opportunity to align content to human behavioral patterns in a storytelling format.

By humanizing our business services we are able to connect and engage better with target audiences, while communicating effective messaging in fact and narrative format. The homeowner that lost everything, should not be overlooked and instead should be embraced as an opportunity to connect better with customer.

The emotional impact of the restoration process can be divesting and cause an emotional toll. By embracing this aspect of the process in your content marketing, will offer a level of support and humility to your brand messages.

What Your Restoration Website Should Include

  1. Affiliations: Local and national. Consider an accredited organization like, IICRC
  2. Outline of different ways you perform each restoration service
  3. A list of what customers can expect during the restoration process, include time and procedures
  4. Increase odds of earning new customers, by adding photos of your team to humanize your business

5 Effective Restoration Marketing Tips 

  1. Use high-quality images and videos to accurately showcase your projects.
  2. Get involved in the community by sponsoring local events and donating to local charities. Use every opportunity to build exposure for your brand, while also being authentic.
  3. Become a thought leader. Every community needs strong leadership. Be the voice of your community by positioning yourself as an expert. This will help you attract potential customers who at some point may need your service or will refer you business. Publish “how to” articles and speak at industry events for insurance companies.
  4. Embrace social media effectively to reach a large audience with a strategy and plan.
  5. Offer promotions and discounts as incentives to attract new customers and generate interest.

Track Restoration Marketing Results

To ensure you are on the right track and gaining momentum, it is important to track all results. You should  track your results from website traffic, social media insists and events leads.

Follow these tips to effectively market your restoration services, increase your brand exposure and attract new customers and friends in your community.

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