Restoration Marketing Workshop

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Join Nia Pearson for an immersive Restoration Marketing Workshop.

Nia will help you to grow a sustainable restoration business using digital and traditional marketing methods, automation and artificial intelligence.

Marketing used to be simpler. You could rely on a few basic marketing tactics to grow your business, the most important of which was face-to-face sales.  Now, online marketing is no longer optional.

Your client/customer base have moved online and you’ll need to be prepared to reach them and win their business.

You will learn:

💥  Importance of Strategy, Planning and Systems.

💥  How to embrace Automation and Artificial Intelligence to unlock the potential of your business.

💥  How to build brand loyalty?

💥  Which marketing platforms support business growth?

💥  How to increase engagement and get referral business?

💥  How to increase traffic to your website and build sales?

💥  How to build an integrated marketing strategy across, social media, email marketing and your website.

You will get:

💥  2 – IICRC Continuing Education Credits

💥  Marketing Certificate Of Completion

💥  BONUS: 3 Month Marketing Plan

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Our 3 Step Marketing Process:

Step 1 –  Strategy

Step 2 – Planning

Step 3 – Systems

Thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence, marketing can be more efficient and service can be improved to add more value.     Artifical-Intelligence, (AI)  powered automation can help restoration businesses to:

– Simplify repetitive tasks

– Analyze consumer behavior pattern

– Personalize customer experiences

– Automate marketing campaigns across various platforms

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a component of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital systems like online directories, google business, social media, blogs, etc.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is offline media like magazine ads,  print ads, sales packets, billboards, direct mail, TV, radio etc.

Benefits of employing AI and automation

– Enables restoration businesses to gather actionable insights in real-time, aiding in making more informed decisions.

– Provides personalized recommendations and predictions, ensuring that marketing efforts are tailored to individual customers’ preferences. – Save significant time and resources by automating repetitive tasks such as data analysis, campaign management, and lead nurturing.  View our partners page for vetted automation options.

– Focus on more strategic initiatives that improve productivity and overall efficiency.– Enhanced customer engagement helps to precisely target the right audience at the right time, by creating personalized and relevant experiences, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This increased engagement translates into higher conversion rates, ultimately impacting the bottom line.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your restoration business. Register here!

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