Sizzling Summer Marketing Tips To Drive Business Growth

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The summer is heating up and our hope is that you are increasing brand awareness and growth + revenue are aligned.

In this brief article we will cover marketing tips to help you stay in front of your customers and expand your bottom line. It’s time to be creative and satisfy the needs of your target audience. We have to meet our target audience where they are in the buying journey and to identify that placement, we need to test, analyze and be consistent. The below three critical steps are paramount regardless of your industry and should be understood as basic marketing principles to grow your business in 2019.

The first critical step is to ensure your website is ranking for the keywords that your ideal customers are searching for. Once you have a solid keyword list you can build out your website pages and begin to rank well on search engines.  KEY: Focus on one core keyword per page.

The second critical step is to generate consistent leads through email marketing efforts. The skinny on adding email marketing into your mix is that you stay top of mind with your audience by sending valuable and engaging content.  KEY: The best way to generate new business is to show consistency in your marketing efforts.

The third critical step is adding video to your mix with clearly defined goals on how to measure success. It’s no secret that video is king of the world and brands that use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Key: 66 percent of consumers make a purchase from a brand after watching their social media video. – Source (via tubular insights). | Video suggestion types: short video explaining products or services – vlogs (video blogs), video interviews, presentations, testimonials, and ads, tutorials, product reviews, demos, and live steam recordings.

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