Why Targeting Is Important For Business Success

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Strategy for: Real Estate, Restoration, and Retail businesses.

In this article, we are sharing important fundamental marketing principles to keep in mind before launching any new marketing campaign.

Over the years, our team at Marketing For Real Results has spoken with hundreds of entrepreneurs about their businesses. No matter the size of the business, all are motivated and looking for success, which we are encouraged by, and excited to help.

We start every new client consulting session by asking a series of questions about business goals and current marketing strategies in place. This analysis allows us to better understand which marketing tactics to use.
The goal of this exercise is to ultimately increase the marketing funnel success rate with new business and less uncertainty, anxiety, and frustration.

As you might guess our consultation sessions vary. A new venture will not have historical data about what works, versus an existing business that we can extract what worked and what did not work and build from there.

TIP! The fastest path to quick success is to replicate what is working.

A fundamental marketing error is to mirror a competitor. We always discourage this business practice since authenticity is a crucial part of establishing a brand.

Keep in mind, copycat marketing strategies are not sustainable and eventually will not yield a high return due to the lack of originality. An alternative mindset is to focus on what makes your business unique by establishing a value proposition, that will tell prospects in less than 30 seconds why they should want to work with you over your competitors.

Tip! Business owners that make the time to take strategic business actions are more profitable and most successful, without question.

When you are ready to launch a new product or service, the questions outlined below will get you started on the right path.

Ask yourself a basic question…“Who Am I Targeting”?

Many business owners assume the answer to this question is EVERYONE…and that is a big mistake!
Without properly identifying your target audience the communication in your marketing messages may not reach your target audience.

In addition, the resources required to target everyone would require a broad marketing campaign and a larger budget, which is not cost-effective.


Targeted messages both content and images are effective ways to get the attention of your ideal customer/client. How to use targeting to

Tips To Get Started

  • Who am I targeting?
  • Why am I targeting them?
  • Where do they reside?
  • How often will they buy?
  • How much will they spend?
  • What is their budget?
  • One income or dual-income household?

Answers to these fundamental questions will aid the success of marketing campaigns.

Watch this YouTube video to learn key components to profile a target client/customer. In addition to specific website landing pages, social media, email, blog posts, direct mail/postcards etc. Speak directly and concisely.

By taking these steps, your marketing campaigns will have a better rate of success with personalized assets and better targeting.

Now that you have some fundamental marketing tools, if you need additional help on your marketing journey, visit m4rr.com/contact to sign up for a FREE Consultation.

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