How We Work

Our goal is to deliver integrated marketing solutions that help small business owners and entrepreneurs elevate to the next level.

With so many marketing options available to grow a business, it is important to focus on target audiences, having the right systems in place and marketing budget. The right marketing strategy is different for every business and we will walk through the process with you.

  • We help clients establish a strong digital/online presence.
  • We understand that increased engagement creates new business opportunities.


Customers have power over buying decisions and very limited attention spans. This requires every small business to create impactful first impressions that are lasting. It is important to continue to send consistent messaging with a distinctive tone of voice throughout the customer journey.

At Marketing 4 Real Results, we help clients improve customer interactions, build marketing funnels and increase engagement rates. This process results in an increased number of loyal customers and a higher return on marketing dollars.

Our Certifications

Why Small Business Owners Choose Marketing 4 Real Results?

The beauty of Marketing 4 Real Results is that we take the time to fully dissect your business and find helpful tactics that are specific to your need and objective. We ensure all tasks are completed and all marketing campaigns are aligned to your specific business goals.

When you’re running a business, you don’t have time to be a marketing expert and you are rest assured that we focus on strategic actions to deliver results.

We focus on key marketing principles that will help your business excel. With our decades of academic and real-life experiences, we bring out a tactical and unique plan for marketing.

Marketing 4 Real Results is your Small Business Partner that will give you the information you need to help your business thrive.  We study top trending marketing tactics to ensure we deliver results across multiple channels with integrated marketing solutions.

Our team has decades of sales and marketing experience in the vertical markets of Restoration, Real Estate, and Retail.

We know what it takes to grow a business and we love what we do. If you are looking to hire an agency to support your marketing efforts month to month, we are happy to help you customize a solution that makes sense for your business.

With the rise of technologies like social media, instant messaging, chatbots and email, it is easy to get lost in popular versus powerful business solutions. Marketing 4 Real Results is ready to jump into a marketing conversation and give you the facts.  We follow the trends and we know what works.

Since our inception in 2015 and after 10 years of corporate experience in B2B and B2C global and domestic marketing, we have helped entrepreneurs, business leaders, and executives from the small business community to understand the cycle of marketing.

Our Team

A major objective for our team is to ensure your brand takes the necessary and relevant steps by targeting audiences effectively and filling their needs. We will work diligently to keep your brand steadfast on the mission to be a market-driven organization that is positioned favorably in the marketplace.

Our diverse experiences allow us to be the perfect marketers for your specific marketing needs. We not only care about marketing but we love to see success in small businesses.

Nia Pearson

CEO & Senior Consultant

Aamirah Gober

Marketing Assistant

LaTeesha Chambers

Social Media Specialist

Katherine Van Diepen

Digital Marketing Executive

We are your partner in the search for innovation and continued growth. We understand that innovation creates a competitive advantage that can put your brand in the drivers seat to success. We live and breathe marketing, so you don’t have to. Our goal for your brand is superior market positioning in culture and customer value. Be the brand that all your customers love by offering products, services and value that is outstanding.

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Our Value Proposition:

We value the concepts and diversity of your business and strive to elevate your business to the next level.

Our Culture:

Team of experienced, knowledgeable and passionate marketers that want to help you get marketing right.