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Social Media Strategies is an ebook created by Nia Pearson, founder of Marketing 4 Real Results that shares tips on how to effectively use Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for business.

Nail Social Media

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Our Experience

In our experiences over the years, we have learned that most small businesses don’t focus on customer loyalty and that is a huge mistake. The reason Marketing 4 Real Results focuses all marketing campaigns that include a customer retention component is all about cost.

Since we know marketing is an overhead, cost is always a challenging component to measure. Our goal is to remove the difficultly and instead focus on a success ratio that makes sense which is customer loyalty.

Marketing Cost

By considering the important metrics of success or failure the customer acquisition cost (CAC) is crucial. Since it is much cheaper for a business to keep a current customer, than to get a new customer, strategy, planning and systems become critical. 

At Marketing 4 Real Results we focus on a 3C marketing model to help our clients connect better by creating personalized experiences with prospects and customers/customers. 

3C: Marketing Model  

  • Consistency 
  • Concentrated 
  • Customer-Centric 

We support, motivate and inspire our small business clients to meet their customers in their preferred marketing channels and provide engaging experiences. 

Preferred Communication Channels: 

Marketing and Advertising standard cost to acquire a new customer:

Real Estate

If you spend $5,000 on a postcard that gets you one new customer, your customer acquisition cost is $5000.

Cleaning & Restoration

Standard Cost: $7


Standard Cost: $10

We are THINK Marketers

that apply analytical capabilities to tasks like data mining and ROI optimization.

We are FEEL Marketers

that focus on consumer interaction and engagement.

We are DO Marketers

that develop content, design and lead production.

Our Mission:

Partner with our clients to design effective
marketing campaigns.

Our Vision:

Bring a customer–centric focus to the forefront of all
products and services.