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Who We Are

Nia Pearson and her team focus on results.


  • Partner to ensure success through personalized marketing initiatives.
  • Understand business obstacles and work diligently to improve customer engagement and increase sales.
  • Understand business cannot succeed without an alignment of digital and traditional marketing activity.
  • Design effective and targeted marketing campaigns with clearly defined metrics and goals.

Our Services

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M4RR offers a one-time FREE 30 minute marketing consulting session for all new customers.

Get to the source of improving business performance and building your brand for real results.

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No matter if your message is complex, simple or emotional having a consistent brand message is important to building your brands equity.

Do you know how your target customers perceive your brand?

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A company’s strategy is the “how” with an action plan for running the business.

  • How to build a loyal customer base?
  • How will the distribution channel work?
  • How to maintain a leading market position?

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of creating and delivering relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage target audiences with the goal of driving action.

Get started with a marketing campaign today.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Stay a step ahead of your competition by integrating digital practices into your marketing objectives. First define your business’ overall goals, set a budget, then outline and measure your KPIs.

Get started with a marketing campaign today.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is an important component of a combined marketing strategy that leverages communication to nurture relationships with customers and prospects.

Generate leads, increase conversions and enhance customer retention with targeting email campaigns.

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Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Our team of experienced professionals will ensure your success by planning, promoting and executing all deliverables in a timely manner.

We specialize in exceeding client expectations by delivering superior customer service and event management solutions.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing campaigns focus on creating compelling content with the purpose of attracting, engaging and sharing with customers.

Information sharing includes text, images, audio and video to gain attention and leverage social networking with fans, followers and connections.

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Video Marketing

Video Marketing

We partner with top video production teams to produce authentic brand videos for social media, websites, YouTube, commercials and more.

If you are not producing videos consistently for your brand because of cost, don't worry we have video production cost to meet all marketing budgets.

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Website Design

Website Design

We partner with some of the best web designers to ensure our clients have a quality and professional digital footprint. We create websites that align with large and small brands overall content marketing strategy to take their business to the next level

We have website design cost that meet all marketing budgets.

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Sales & Service Training

Sales & Service Training

Arm your team with compelling and effective printed materials. Energize your team with the knowledge and skills required to increase customer satisfaction.

We offer not only comprehensive and personalized training, but in addition we have on-site one on one team building sessions.

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Los Angeles Small Business Marketing Consulting

We’ll work closely with you to achieve real results. We have the capabilities to design and execute integrated marketing programs that speak directly to your target audience.

Our services can be obtained “a la carte” or you can hire us on a monthly retainer to build ongoing engaging and comprehensive marketing campaigns: social media, email marketing, content marketing, text marketing and more.

Count on Marketing 4 Real Results to deliver customer centric and results driven marketing.

We will match your target audience, customer needs and value requirements with your organizations capabilities, business goals and value proposition. We understand what it takes to be the first option in the mind of prospects and we will get you there.

Our Experience

In our experiences over the years, we have learned that most small businesses don’t focus on customer loyalty and that is a huge mistake. The reason Marketing 4 Real Results focuses all marketing campaigns that include a customer retention component is all about cost.

Since we know marketing is an overhead, cost is always a challenging component to measure. Our goal is to remove the difficultly and instead focus on a success ratio that makes sense which is customer loyalty.

Keep in mind, getting a new customer costs up to 7 times more than getting more business from existing customers. By focusing on selling more to your existing customers through incentivized loyalty programs, you can create a stronger customer base.
It’s important to also note that not all prospects will become customers. Remember that we can’t be everything to everyone, although we can be very special to the ones that trust us.
  • The probability of selling to a new customer is between 5 and 20 percent.
  • The probability of selling to a current customer is 95 to 100 percent.

Marketing Cost

3C Business Model
  • Consistent
  • Concentrated
  • Customer-Centric
Understanding the cost variables involved with each component of marketing is an important and sometimes overlooked process in marketing. At Marketing 4 Real Results we specialize in providing customer-centric marketing solutions by focusing on the ins/outs of your business strategy. We start by laying out the details of your plan and then, we elevate this to action items that will drive results.

As you get to understand the cost variables involved with each component of marketing you learn more about why we at Marketing 4 Real Results specialize in providing customer-centric marketing solutions.

Our goal is to inspire small business owners to meet their customers in their preferred method by, providing enjoyable and relatable experiences.
Two Examples of Preferred Communication Channels:
By considering the important metrics of success or failure for any small businesses the customer acquisition cost (CAC) is crucial. Once you understand that it is much cheaper to keep a current customer than to get a new customer, having what we at Marketing 4 Real Results call the 3C’s will connect you better to your clients/customers.

We can help you to maximize marketing spend with customer-centric digital and traditional solutions to your target audience.

Marketing and Advertising standard cost to acquire a new customer:

Real Estate

If you spend $5,000 on a postcard that gets you one new customer, your customer acquisition cost is $5000.

Cleaning & Restoration

Standard Cost: $7


Standard Cost: $10

We are THINK Marketers

that apply analytical capabilities to tasks like data mining and ROI optimization.

We are FEEL Marketers

that focus on consumer interaction and engagement.

We are DO Marketers

that develop content, design and lead production.

Our Mission:

Partner with our clients to design effective
marketing campaigns.

Our Vision:

Bring a customer–centric focus to the forefront of all
products and services.

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