Marketing 4 Real Results (M4RR) announced today it has joined the Zopto Partner Program.  Zopto is the ultimate social selling automation tool for LinkedIn prospecting to generate new business leads.

Marketing 4 Real Results will now offer their national Restoration and Residential Real Estate clients access to Zopto’s cloud-based lead generation tool.  One of the best features of the platform is the LinkedIn social selling tool, which has an algorithm that mimics human behavior. The customer service support is unlimited from a live person who is committed to your business success.

About Zopto

Zopto utilizes secure prospering to find, identify and expand your network. Connect with your ideal audience, drive sales, and share content. Reduce the amount of time spent on LinkedIn while extending your reach. The accessibility interface is responsible for all the UI and design-related adjustments, while the AI-powered background process handles the more complex requirements – optimization for screen-readers and for keyboard navigation.

About Marketing 4 Real Results

Marketing 4 Real Results is a customer-centric full service marketing agency based in Los Angeles, focused on the industries of Real Estate, Restoration and Retail. The agency designs integrated marketing campaigns that focus on branding, smart segmentation, target audiences, data and business goals to increase loyalty and drive results.


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Aamirah Gober