COVID-19 Small Business Action Plan

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Small Business Resource Corner
We are committed to supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners who are financially struggling amidst COVID-19 by maintaining a list of resources. Click here to get the list.

Small Business Action Plan
If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what actions to take during this time, our partners at Constant Contact have a guide for you.
Keep in mind that every strategic action taken to improve the success of your business is a proactive step that will influence current and new customers/clients to buy your product or service. Get on track with our marketing plan guide here .

Top 3 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Target Audience
  1. Foster better relationships with email marketing. Get started today, free.
  2. Increase engagement with Business Text Messaging. Get started today free.
  3. Create brand awareness with free guides and promotions and share the content on social media. Get started today here.



Branded Promotional Suggestions

In this tough economy, staying top of mind with your customers by sending low-cost branded promotional items can make a huge impact. Suggestion: Some of our retail clients have started selling and sending branded cotton face mask and hand sanitizer to their top customers.  To order promotional products with your company logo, contact our partners at Venum Graphics to get started  and save 15% OFF. First Time Customers ONLY. Use Code: M4RR15.




3 Reasons You Need Video Marketing

Aspire to reach potential clients through the power of video. Our clients on average see an 87% increase in traffic from video.

1) boost sales
2) build search engines authority
3) build trust and credibility

For top quality video content that will increase the engagement rate an conversations of your followers, contact our partners at Letford Media to get started

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