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It’s that time of year again to start thinking about marketing plans. As with all aspects of business planning measuring success is crucial.  One of the best Business New Year’s resolutions, to refresh and reflect will increase your business success in the new year.  This is a very exciting time and there is a lot of opportunity. We recommend a very specific planning approach for the coming year and that is to have an integrated marketing plan. With so many changes in the marketplace, so many platforms, and no sign of competition slowing down, being focused matters more now than ever before.  Every one of us is inundated with emails and phones calls requesting our attention we have to get focused to grow.  

Before taking new business meetings or calls, we suggest you have a clearly defined goal for your business. This will give you focus during your meetings and calls and will not waste your time. Remember time is our most precious asset. The conversations that do not clearly align with your business goals, shelf them.  Keep in mind, that everyone does not value their time and many people will ask you to help them to focus on their agenda/goals. Remember that being an entrepreneur is all about living YOUR dreams.  Start testing every meeting with this premise and you may find some additional time in your planning for 2020.  

There are many ways to grow your business, the only ways that matter are the ones that work. The only way to know what works is to test and try. There should be no matter unreviewed.  To be successful in the new year, we must review where we have been in the last 12 to 24 months and where we want to go over the next 24-36 months. Don’t lead with fear. We must try the things we have not tried to get to the places we want to be.

Staying focused on growing your business is not a simple task and to do it well requires a sync alignment to business goals. In addition, understanding current customers, new customers, partners, team members and operational efficiency also has a role to play.  No more are the days when marketing is overlooked. Marketing should be at the cornerstone of all your communication plans across all departments. 
To create customer intimacy we have to place an emphasis on personalization to build deeper relationships with our audiences.  To build brand awareness and generate new business in the most efficient way, having  “customer profiles” will help.  If you have not in the past put marketing first, the good news is that you have a lot of opportunity to grow. Being a leader in any industry requires a well defined marketing strategy.  
Although, you can still find success without being totally committed to marketing,  the point is to be as laser focused as possible to have the best chances of success.  For dreamers looking for long term and impactful business accomplishments, continue reading and start thinking about how you will integrate marketing into every aspect of your business. 

This matter of putting marketing first has
always been very important to big brands.  The first brand that comes to your mind, is usually the brand that targeted you specifically and that is why their messaging resonated with you.  Some understand marketing, some don’t and the ones that do, see big success. Keep in mind that understanding marketing and having a strategic marketing plan are different. Continue reading and get to know the difference. 

Start thinking about your 2020 growth planning as a road map to success.  If you reflect on one of your most significant accomplishments, you can recall there were a consistent series of steps. A great example is obtaining a college degree or running a marathon. The requirements to completion for both started with a plan and was executed by a series of actions.   The process of business planning requires us to look at our current position in the market, understand our competition and determine what it will take to get to the next level.  
Never rush to decide on every step, since a carefully crafted plan takes time to cultivate.   Once the perspective has been instilled, critical information will start to show up and allow you to build. Remember that long term goals for our business are a bit different from short term goals. Having a living marketing plan allows opportunity for modification as needed. Being adaptable, is the only approach we recommend, at Marketing 4 Real Results. This mindset requires us to be open to adopting new platforms and making changes when needed.

Many business owners start out excited and after many year in business, starting something new seems daunting. Consider the fact that we are only making changes to get us closer customer intimacy.   Ultimately this will also save time and money in addition to increasing sales. The focus is to have the best team, the best marketing, the best bankers, the best partners….Doing things the old way does not embrace the many new technological advancements like, AI, automation and data driven marketing insights.  
Smart marketing not only feeds the google, bing and yahoo search engines it also shows prospects, clients and customers the adaptability of your company and keeps them interested.  The most common success in business comes from improvements and focus. Having a laser focus has a direct impact on business. Consider one scenario that works very well….if everyone in your business at the end of all conversations with customers said “Thank you for making us #1″ your customers after hearing this multiple times will get the impression you are #1.  You may be thinking really? Is the process that simple.  Yes.

Remember being focused allows us to dive deep.  As an agency Marketing 4 Real Results, is all about integrated marketing, focus and customer intimacy.  This concept is a proven strategy that we have found success over the many years working with small – large companies. Our favorite clients are the very motivated and ambitious entrepreneurs that are understand the importance of “value add”. Being better than your competitors by simple putting customers first.  Yes, having a clear direction, day in and day out also matters but the customers first mindset is what makes a hug difference.  Think about this… when you go to a new restaurant and your server tells you that “everything on the menu is great” you will most likely take a longer time to order. If instead the server mentioned “one or two items” you feel more confident with the recommendation and will likely take the suggestion.  
This process to guide is how we lead our audiences. In marketing we are charged with the responsibility of making the decision making process, easier and the experiences more delightful regardless of industry or business model.   Some people think that saving money for our clients matter, that could not be more far from the truth, customers are willing to pay the price for the right product/service. Our job from a marketing position is to deliver the right product/service to the right person at the right time in a very authentic way.  
Like it was meant to be, a perfect match.  By making a vow in 2020 to guide your customers with personalized experiences, you will be appreciated and celebrated for sure. In many cases, customer service seems dead, so by taking the “customer first approach” and showing love, your brand will be remembered.  

As we look forward to the future, and begin the 2020 marketing planning process, it is important to note, the difference between short-term and long-term business goals. Some marketing actions will have immediate impact and others will not.  So as we invest time and resources we should be certain to know any limitations we are facing from a results perspective. Time and resources are the glue to marketing so  plan well.  By taking into account the information you have read so far and the information that is listed below, your customer centric perspective to 2020 planning for growth should make you smile.

We know that technology has taken the leading position in a
ll marketing efforts so having a digital first view will lead to improved business performance. Keep in mind, strategic marketing has the ability to consistently fill your pipeline with opportunities. Check out the below list of important tips and tricks to get you going. 
Top Marketing Tips and Tricks To Consider


Search Engine Optimization

  • Are your SEO tactics targeting the right audience?
  • Are your title tags lead to more conversions?
  • Have you considered Bing and Yahoo?


Content Marketing

  • What is your email marketing strategy? (considering of course that you do have one)
  • What is your communication strategy to obtain new clients?
  • What is your go-to tips to attract new business?


Social Media Marketing

  • What social media channels do your prospects send the most time?
  • Do you have a  specific plan for each social media channel?
  • Are you driving traffic to optimized landing pages?

Get a head start by first understanding the 2 above mentioned marketing items. Keep in mind that  2020 will be require you yo think about 1)  “personalization” and 2) “authenticity”. From Artificial Intelligence (AI), to machine learning and many more advanced automation tools, you have to adapt to deliver. New customers are not coming easy we must show value to our target audiences. If you don’t have a marketing plan in place, schedule a
15 minute FREE consultation here.

      TIP: As you consider your 2020 marketing strategy it is important to evaluate your 2019 successes and failures. Remember that the desire to get new business is all about insights. Mindset: How can you best service the needs of your target audience more efficiently and effectively?


      TIP: Top trending marketing to consider, online reputation management (reviews), text messaging, social media, email, print (postcards/flyers, coupons etc.), advertising (FB/Instagram & Google), events (customer appreciation/training) and content marketing with an SEO focus.
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