Holiday Marketing Ideas

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The Fall season is here and we are excited to announce a number of Holiday Marketing Ideas to help you to customize content to maximize your brand reach.

The best way to stand out this holiday season is to personalize your brand messaging, to get your customers in the holiday state-of-mind.


4 Simple Steps To Marketing Success

 1) Develop an outlined plan to include the step-step actions of your holiday marketing campaign with specific dates attached. This planned strategy will improve conversion rates, ROI and customer quality, all at the same time.

2) Amplify Facebook and Instagram digital advertising to build holiday excellent. Create compelling stories for your followers about your promotions to keep them engaged for the entire holiday season.

 3) Include Personalized Email Marketing content to segmented email contacts.  This is the “divide and conquer segmentation,” method to identify segments with higher revenue potential and send them a tailored marketing message.

4) Social Media content will play an important role in the process so the goal should be to create unique and fun ways to get your brand and your audience into the holiday spirit.



During the planning stage of your holiday marketing campaigns it is a good idea to review your previous years sales over the same time period to set benchmarks. Next: Define Objectives. Set Goals and Budget. Clearly Define Target Audience. Outline Marketing Channels. By building tailor-made campaigns you remove the noise and are aligned to capitalize on the potential sales increase from impactful, strategy and intentional holiday marketing campaigns.

Sound too good to be true? Contact Marketing 4 Real Results to help you amplify your marketing campaigns this holiday season with digital advertising, social content and email marketing.

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