How Important Is Social Media?

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Before we consider all the benefits of social media we must invite the over arching “marketing” and “business success” to the party. As entrepreneurs we know marketing is one of the best ways to build brand awareness and increase sales. To spread the word about our brands product or service, social media is an effective platform to accomplish this objective. Social media is also easy to set up, and has audience tools built it to launch a campaign victoriously. The insights available from social media can improve the below analytics:

  • Measure key customer service metrics.
  • Measure engagement, content and trends.
  • Learn about followers from interests to influence.
  • Understand visitor demographics, geography and activity.
Marketing Connection:

The most effective marketing tactics to help you leap ahead of your competition will vary by industry. Having a clear plan and segmenting one or several “niche” markets will provide a direct path. Compared to some other marketing strategies such as direct marketing, event marketing, email marketing, promotional marketing, mobile marketing and many others, social media marketing is a cheap but effective way to market your business.

Business Connection:

To ensure campaign success, targeted marketing efforts that are aligned with sales objectives are the best and most effective approach. Social media has the ability to increase sales and improve customer retention through quick two-way dialogue.


Customer Service:

  • Improved customer service happens when your team:
  • Responds quickly to questions.
  • Learn quickly about customer sentiment to new products.


Content Marketing:

  • Evaluate how effective content is on each channel with:
  • Targeted ads.
  • Top segmenting options are location, gender and age.


Search Engine Marketing:

Shares and retweets can increase search engine ranking. Cost: The metric cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is better with social media than traditional media. Social Media Marketing is a cost effective marketing median that is on 24/7.

The prominence of social media depends on the desire of brands to communicate to millions of people daily on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and others. To have a successful social media campaign, a social media strategy with key metrics and goals should be included. Valuable tools to contribute to the overall attainment are targeted audiences, top trending keywords for your industry, key influencer relationships and using hashtags.
Before embarking on a social media campaign first analyze what social channels will fundamentally support your brands marketing message effectively. Measure marketing value often and change course as needed. Staying top of mind daily on social channels is a great position for all brands. To maximize the full benefits of social media marketing it is important to align all marketing efforts. The best way to accomplish this is to continue to create relevant content and test with social audiences and measure engagement rates. The outcome for an effective social media campaign execution will drive leads to make purchases around the clock.
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