Is Email Marketing Right For Your Business?

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Are you contemplating the value of an email marketing campaign? Before making a leap align your entire company with a marketing strategy. In a perfect world having effective campaigns and initiatives are ideal. The process of seeking alignment is simple, yet many companies operate with a back of a napkin plan.

The current evolving marketing space of digital, copy, social media and automation allows marketing without planning. The disadvantage of this knee jerk practice is limited resources and operation inefficiency in respect to your marketing budget. This method delivers lackluster return on investment and creates a company culture that is reactive to the marketplace.

So, before your marketing team embarks on a new email marketing campaign create a CLEAR message outlining objectives.

  1. Are you looking to increase brand awareness?
  2. Sell more of x widgets?
  3. Introduce a new product to the marketplace?

Beginning with the end in mind will help to create a flowing synergy that yields success. Once you have outlined your goals and objectives you can target your audiences and better build brand communication. According to HubSpot 77% of consumers prefer email for marketing communications with brands.
More than 67% of consumers use a smartphone to check their email. When considering rather or not to include email marketing as a tactic in your overall marketing strategy. Consider this. When was the last time you either sent or read an email? Not using email marketing to stay in touch with your prospects and customers is a missed opportunity.

Getting Started

Set goals and timelines for all campaigns. All successful marketing campaigns, having a starting point which improves success rates. Asking yourself when to send, frequency and message (s) and continually test. Determining relevant content, and how often to send is derived over time by evaluating the engagement of each email campaign. If you start your campaign and begin to see a massive number of unsubscribes change something and retest. This information will vary by industry.
When deciding on content remember to deliver timely and relevant information to your audience to maximize campaign effectiveness. This process requires testing and modifying by your marketing department.

Top 2 key metrics to consider:
  1. Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
  2. Conversion rate

If you are sending relevant information to your targeted audience this method will build trust, improve business results and strengthen your company brand.

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