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Are you ready to adapt? Personalization Can Make Your Marketing Better. According to Smart HQ 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences. 71% of consumers expects brands to deliver a more personalized experience.
Consider this, when you open an email, read a text or receive a call from someone that mentions your name, are you more likely to engage? Depending on when you get the message the answer is generally an astounding, YES. That is the goal of personalization marketing.  To attract, maintain and sustain the attention and continue moving through the marketing funnel seamlessly.
What Is Personalized Marketing?
According to our partners at constant contact... it’s much more than just using your customer’s first name in your emails which is a staple for Marketing 4 Real Results. Personalized marketing is a strategy that can be integrated into different types of marketing mediums.   Email, social media, and blogs are front runners in support of this process.  Personalized marketing involves collecting data related to a specific target audience or niche. Then crafting marketing experiences to their specific need, want and desire. This can be done through highly consumable content such as video marketing, FB, Instagram or Google advertising and social media content.
As we consider the goal of marketing from a strategic approach we must embrace the power to connect with audiences. A huge part of that mission is to ensure aspects of the customer journey are engaging. Personalization adds that personal element in an immersive way. Being able to adapt to personalization can be the greatest return on your marketing spend.
Personalization Strategies
  • Provide Relevant Offers
  • Provide Personalized Experiences
  • Create marketing messages that are customized to your audience
  • No more guessing – test and try different methods
Every aspect of marketing should be tracked and analyzed to determine your return on your marketing spend, (ROAS).  Personalized marketing strategies are no different. By measuring the effectiveness of campaigns we are able to decide what is working and what is not.  In sustaining our passion for business growth, we must create an unwavering motivation to test new campaigns with a goal for performance improvements and customer intimacy. In taking the necessary steps to adopt the digital innovation wave we are in the driving seat to succeed through personalization.
As we are always looking for ways to dramatically improve the overall ROI (return on investment) of marketing campaigns, landing pages, social media contest etc. by aligning strategy to scientific experimenting we through personalized, we can scale.  We are taking you on the fast track to growth with digital marketing mechanics and the implementing of personalized marketing strategy. It is crucial to include a consistent individualized content strategy in this process of data collection, automation and personalization at scale.
Five Simple Ways To Test Personalization
  • CTA’s
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Test headline ideas
How To Get Started With Personalization
Start collecting data anywhere and everywhere. In the December, 2018 Salesforce’s State of Marketing report 79% of respondents wanted to share data in exchange for contextualized engagement. The overall customer experience is top of mind for consumers and with mobile messaging capabilities taking the lead in communications channels for brands like Textline if you are not on board with personalization you will be left behind. Don’t let your competitor take the reins. All internal teams, sales, marketing, customer service and commerce should share common goals and key metrics.
There is a new business priority and its all about customer experiences. Although, some things remain the same, as we continue to focus on the tried-and-true metrics of revenue growth, sales effectiveness, and web traffic as high priority initiatives.  We can’t overlook the new favorite of customer-centric actionable items before and after sale communication.  The advanced benefits to this “customer first” approach brings repeat business and customer referrals which we absolutely adore. The adoption of digital innovation with artificial intelligence gaining popularity offers actionable insights and advanced consumer tracking metrics. The new happy is invigorated with a love for personalization marketing.
Quote from Dale Carnegie: “A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Your customers want personalization and it’s your job to deliver.
Consumers expect brands to offer personalized services and brands have to adopt new technologies that bring two way communication methods to take top of mind.  If you want to do more with personalization marketing but aren’t quite sure where to begin or which strategies will attract your target audience, contact us to get started.
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