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In this blog we uncover one of the most effective ways to connect to prospects and customers. In this digital heavy 2020 Marketing world it is crucial to be efficient and maximize industry knowledge that will best impact Customer Experiences through Surveys.

There is no better way to know what your customers think about your product or service than to ask them in a survey. The information obtained will help connect your business more intimately to your customers and help to identify ways to grow your business.

According to digital information world, the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2020. This number is lower than the attention span of goldfish, which is quite scary and requires marketing messages to get to the point quickly in advertising.

Having survey insights from your target audience offers your business information on their pleasures and pain points. A huge advantage for B2C brands is the ability to innovate and create new products, based on customer preferences.  Since two-way conversations are essential to B2B brands building strong relationships by way of surveys makes sense.

Deciding where to explore business expansion with certainty can be done effectively with survey results. By placing a concerted effort to align your business with customer preferences, you aligned for growth.

By building a research strategy you are taking a deep dive into with specific customer profiles (parents, doctors, teachers, bloggers etc.) which offer better decision making for your business that anticipates a customer’s needs is both smart and proactive.

To often small business information is disconnected and the silos create bad decision-making and a lot of guessing and limited engagement across marketing channels.  Accelerate your marketing integration by connecting the dots and building a connected customer journey.



Benefits Of A Survey

By gathering large amounts of data in a cost effective manner is the answer to how to best gain market research. By gathering information from experiences and desires often, you can constantly improve your business and consistently grow your sales.  Gathering the information is one component, acting on the information by making adequate changes and improvements is needed and what your customers and clients are looking for and that is why they respond.

Every experience good, bad or neutral can add value. While most people can agree customer service standards vary depending on the brand, time of purchase, location, etc.  For those of us that travel around the United States and internationally there is a clear difference in expectations, which is monumental. Franchise brands usually have a standard level of service that often evokes an expectation to loyal customers. In this scenario it is easy to recognize variations and differences so you can provide great feedback. What is the cultural difference that impacts the customer experience? That is when results can be a bit daunting to explore.

Without revealing specific brands, we can point to the monetary element of customer experiences matters. We do not usually have the same service expectations for a fast food restaurant that we have for a 5 star dinner experiences. If the variables are unknown, mistakes are bound to happen.

Think about your most amazing customer service experience and your least favorite. For many reasons they were quite different. As a business you should be aware of each experience to be the best.

The way to reach the pinnacle of business performance is being customer centric. If you were around for the beginning days of Amazon when they said yes to all returns and asked no questions and at times did not request the item back.  The value of the item was likely a determinate in the matter, but still the concept was not very common. Fast forward to Amazon in 2020 being the leading online retailer is a direct correlation to customer experiences.

The flipped side of this scenario can be explained by retail brands that do not offer refunds at all and will only give an exchange or credit for a purchase made with cash or credit card. YIKES!!! That makes little sense and is far from what customers want. In the past few years Forever 21 changed their policy to align with customer preferences, likely from survey feedback.

It is never a good idea to take customers for granted. Brands that understand the importance of staying top of mind by using email marketing, social media marketing, advertising or by asking customers their preferred communication really get a chance to shine.  It is the first line of business to make customers feel great, since that suggest they will come back.



The Need For Data

Quality data from surveys can help you unite and align your marketing efforts to sales goals and make every action matter.  The 2020-marketing trend driving conversion is personalized content.  Every one wants to know you see them, hear them and are speaking to them. What do they want to hear? That is what research offers. Another huge advantage to surveys, are the acceleration of accurate data, like invalid email addresses, and removal of duplicate information. A non-responsive survey respondent could be an indication of non-interest in your product/service, which can be further evaluated.

To ensure you reach your audience better and faster than your competitors a qualitative survey method of marketing, is a good choice.

Survey Monkey is a FREE and reliable source to get you started.


The Importance Of Marketing Messages

Communication is at the heart of every business. To do this effectively requires exploring expectations of our customers. The next step is making the necessary adjustments by first asking the questions and being open to the responses.

Never take the position that your business is operating perfectly. The mindset of not being open to change is a fast lane to negative bottom line results. Instead, reject this notion and focus on customizing as needed and create new and personalized experiences often.


Speak To Your Target Audience

Since we are in the environment of “cultural appropriation” let’s consider if your target audience for a specific product/service is “African American Families” in the demo for a product/service, should you have an African American in the advertising? This may seem like an easy yes, but in many cases that translation is missed and the product will likely not perform as expected.  This is where the loyalty opportunity for many brands is missed. On the other hand, when brands connect advertising to targets adequately the results will be more impressive, guaranteed. Don’t take our word for it test the notion with surveys.


How To Get Started with a Survey

When structuring your survey questions, consider the following: No more guessing, instead use one of the two options below to gather responses.

  • Open-ended questions give respondents an ability to answer in their voice.
  • Pre-selected choices are much easier and faster to compute than open-ended questions, although there is a limit to the feedback (0-5 ratings or yes/no).


8 Important Steps To A Successful Survey
  1. Determine the business goal this survey will support (increase sales for x)?
  2. Determine when and how the results will be used?
  3. Set up your survey and a specific target audience. (I.e.: pet owners)
  4. Decide the total number of questions?
  5. Decide on a deadline?
  6. Distribution channel (email, text, social media,)?
  7. Number of Questions?
  8. Add a giveaway to the first (x) number of respondents?



After Sale/Service

Based on your recent interaction with “enter your brand here”. You are invited to answer a few quick questions about your experience that will take 1-3 minutes.

  • What was your alternative option for this service/product? (insight into your top competitor).
  • Would you recommend “brand” product or service to a friend or family member? (insight for offering a referral program)?


Thank You

Thank you for your time and valuable feedback. Your input in very important in helping us improve the service we provide to our customers.


Survey data provides valuable insights that help with better business decision-making. Tackling data strategies are one of the most advantageous ways to ensure you are moving in the direction that is closed aligned with the needs of your target audience. There is no better way to quality a business decision to increase product offerings or introduce new products or services.

The process to quantify the relationship between multiple variables in a survey, can lead to data points that may surprise you.

  • Compare variations in responses
  • Spot statistical significant differences in how groups answer
  • Apply logic and create stories of respondents with shared traits


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