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Join us March 22, 2020 12:00pm – 1:30pm in Glendale, California for a Marketing Boot Camp. Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners will learn the 2020 top trending marketing strategies. To continue to grow your business, a few elements are crucial: creativity, inspiration and adding a mix of the right marketing and determining how to best spend your marketing dollars.

Overall Marketing Key Takeaway:
  • Put your customers first
  • Know your target market
  • Business insights, practical tips and resources 
  • How to increase brand loyalty and why it matters


Marketing 4 Real Results, CEO and Senior Marketing Consultant, Nia Pearson will walk you through a marketing plan and teach you how to avoid making huge financial marketing mistakes. During this  jam-packed session attendees will gain knowledge from a customer centric approach to running your business and why it makes sense to put customers first.  The techniques in this session will focus on specific ways to get more customers, what marketing channels matter most and how to best  investment time or money.

The internet has presented many new and easy ways to connect with a broader audience and your business must be prepared to keep evolving.  You will learn how to best take advantage of the huge marketplace of prospective customers that may be searching for your products or service online and how to reach them.


Marketing Points To Consider:

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners looking to reach a specific /niche target audience will learn the importance of having a marketing strategy in place that is focused on building and strengthening business growth. The entire marketplace is now operating from a mobile mindset and a combination of traditional and digital marketing is the only way to stay ahead of your competition. Although there are many cost-effective and measurable digital marketing channels, the leading position is with social media and FB/Instagram advertising.  The key to winning big is integrating the best and most effective techniques which require testing and evaluating. It is also wise to place an emphasis on branding tactics that push new customers through your buyers journey quickly and digital marketing brings a heavy engagement and high interaction.


Reasons To Attend:
  • Learn top trending marketing strategies to directly increase business
  • Learn the differences between Marketing and Branding
  • Learn how to cost effectively reach more customers

If you have been dreaming big about ways to grow your business, this Marketing Bootcamp is for you. With the right technology and software as a part of your marketing plan, you will take your business to the next level.

Bring your marketing questions and join us as we empower entrepreneurs and small business owners with a road map to marketing success. Register here

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