Marketing Playbook for Cleaning & Restoration Businesses

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Marketing Playbook

In the competitive world of restoration services, standing out from the crowd is crucial.

Marketing guru Nia S. Pearson knows this all too well and she is sharing tips with Jeff Cross.

The Marketing Playbook was created by Nia and frequently taught in her Restoration Marketing Workshop, specifically to fill the need in the marketplace that helps restoration companies to thrive using a powerful step-by-step guide. View the YouTube video.

What To Expect

Nia explains the importance of having key elements in place to support business growth.

Nia’s Strategies

Nia Pearson explains the importance of Strategy, Planning and Systems in the marketing playbook for restoration companies. She has 10 years of industry expertise in marketing, specializing in cleaning and restoration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The marketing tactics mentioned in this video should be associated with a proper marketing plan, keyword strategy, etc.

Key Marketing Takeaways:

  • Understand Your Target Customer: Importance of identifying specific audiences and create customized content that will resonate with that audience.
  • Using The Right Platform: Where to share compelling messaging that will resonates with your target audiences.
  • Building Trust and Authority: IICRC Certified companies should embrace the importance of establishing trust and credibility with potential customers through certifications, customer reviews,  and community engagement.

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