Marketing Tips To Effectively Increase Revenue

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Marketing has evolved over the last several years so developing a successful marketing strategy will require a comprehensive roadmap in 2017. With a plethora of marketing strategies and channels to choose from the selection process is daunting. It’s crucial to evaluate marketing as a primary component for when, where, why and how your company competes vis-à-vis promotes a successful campaign. To accomplish this your marketing team needs to understand consumer buying trends and that a marketing strategy is crucial work to increase market share effectively. An assessment of your marketing campaign along with “performance-based marketing” will invariably ensure continued business success in the New Year.

Asking questions such as: what are the reasons behind a particular activity, how each program performs, and analyzing results will enable a clear insight, direction and budget allocation. Attaching metrics to your campaigns will measure the worthiness of specific campaigns and will determine the course correction, necessary to optimize your marketing resources for successful growth in the upcoming year.

As business sales continue to expand on the Internet, savvy marketers should further exploits the various social media tools and marketing trends. Most marketing models are not a “one size fits all” strategy and your 2017 corporate budget should include a comprehensive marketing plan: opt-in email blasts, social media, mobile marketing and videos to build a loyal audience. The first step is to align marketing strategy and allocate marketing resources to drive business goals. All businesses have limited financial resources and your marketing budget should maximize ROI and your team’s direction. The performance and effectiveness of your marketing efforts should include revenue-generating activities and clearly defined objectives.

A performance based marketing campaign includes common business objectives of “customer retention’ and “customer acquisition.” Performance based advertising tactics are measured by the following results impacting your bottom line.

  • CPM: cost per thousand views (how often the ad is displayed to a user)
  • CPC or PPC: cost per click (Prospect clicks on your ads)
  • CPL: cost per lead (when prospect fill out your form)
  • CPA: cost per action (Prospect makes a purchase)


Your Marketing efforts should focus on delivering results. The best way to accomplish this is by aligning business goals to marketing actions. Successful marketing campaigns happen with integrated strategy and adequate business planning. Marketing 4 Real Results is your source for all things marketing. With 15+ years experiences in B2B and B2B marketing, we know what marketing strategies work and we partner with the industries best to ensure success for our clients.   Contact us to schedule a FREE Consultation.

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