Work Smarter With A Social Media Marketing Calendar

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Never miss another chance to share content that has the potential to not-only interest your target audience, but also to broaden your audience of potential customers.

Small Business owners generally wear many hats, especially in the first years of starting a business. A few major advantages to keep in mind to elevate to the next level are to minimize stress, stay efficient, and stay organized. A clear mind will allow your creative neurons to flow to help build your brand.

By having a social media calendar in place you have a better chance to share integrated communication across all social channels. This better allows you to target each social media channel appropriately by understanding each channel’s specific audience.

Social Media activity and technology are now considered a “given” necessity to boost overall brand awareness for marketing and public relations as a direct connection to customers.

Social Media Engagement

Engagement is central to the effectiveness of a social media campaign. Social media business practices externally provide a formal connection that links customers, businesses and internally links employees and vendor partners. 

Having fundamental business building blocks in place will always lead to positive outcomes.

Social Media Curation

Sorting, rating, commenting and tagging to make content more useful to others throughout your business is beyond crucial.  This process allows you to maximize the reach of all social media post. As an owner, you want to make sure you target all the audiences you can.

Since social media is one of the most time-consuming tasks that brings a challenge when deciding exactly what to post. Having a social media calendar allows you to be better equipped to produce interesting, valuable and relevant content throughout the year. Doing this gives you the ability to plan for adding industry experts and community leaders advance the level of consumption for your content. Staying organized will allow you the head space to elevate your business in an effective way.


Curation strategy below:

50% originally created content
35% curated content
15% syndicated content

Keep In Mind: Plan your social media marketing efforts around important national and global industry events, and all opportunities to leverage leadership throughout your industry.

Collaborative Engagement

Synchronizing content from all levels of your business will enhance the visibility of your content.Adding key organization leaders, customers and vendor partners to the conversation is key to maximize experiences.

This process can be heightened by having a social media strategy in place.A social media calendar is a great tool in keeping track of your deadlines and days to post.

The connection of team members from customer service team members is critical since generally the customer perspective is best identified here. When you are ready to rally your troops its important to show value from all perspectives to avoid push back. Creating a win-win outcome for all will offset the rebuttals of participation due to:

Lack of knowledge and expertise
Lack of time or understanding
Missing policy or guidelines

Once you have offset the above and outlined a plan for your social media marketing strategy, it’s time to continually deliver valuable, relevant, and consistent content.


Prospect should walk away feeling like they’ve learned something.


Your content must address consumers’ wants, needs, and interests.


Effective content, delivered over a period of time.


Benefits Of A Social Media Calendar
Stay organized

for the highest level of creativity.


Save time

Being productive by having a plan in place is a great way to succeed in all aspects of marketing, especially social media.


Stay on track

and plan for the future. Plan for the week, month or year.


Eliminate stress

and be more creative.


Having a social media calendar in place provides many advantages and one of the most advantageous ways is the ability to share valuable details throughout your business. All team members will be able to view and plan to align their personal social media pages with what is being shared on your company pages.

Suggested Social Media Content
  • Industry News
  • Promote Events
  • Company Blog Pages
  • Ask a Fun Question
  • Consistent Messages/Hashtags
  • Tips/Tricks
  • New Products or Services
  • Customer Reviews/ Testimonials
  • Customer Engagement Examples
  • Product/Company Video Series
  • New Team Members, Locations, Partners
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