5 Game Changing Marketing Tips For Residential Real Estate Agents

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There are many details involved in buying or selling a home like paperwork, phone calls, forms, inspections, funding and compliance. The timeline for each varies and each has very specific timelines that are outside of the buyer and seller’s control.

Marketing 4 Real Results helps real estate professionals across the U.S. make a powerful mindset shift to unleash the power of marketing and expand their business.  Below we have listed game changing marketing tips to make it easy for you to grow your residential real estate business.    


Did You Know? 

There are 184 touchpoints to complete for sellers and buyers during a real estate transaction.

There’s an average of 52 touchpoints from first inquiry (form submission) to closing on a new home.


Link To All Home Buyer and Home Seller Touch Points – here 


It is very easy for a buyer or seller to feel overwhelmed with the real estate process, making every transaction a new challenge. The emotional aspect can take a toll, leaving you, the real estate professional, in a position to lead by managing expectations and having excellent negotiation skills. 

It can be difficult to stay organized with so many critical phases of the real estate transaction process. With so many items to cover, it is important to note that marketing cannot and should not be overlooked.  

We will go as far as saying marketing should be a top priority for every real estate professional. For many professionals in the real estate industry this is an oversight. Some do not feel that social media is important, which could not be further from the truth. Remember as we think of social media, we must first understand, branding. 

At Marketing 4 Real Results, our top producing residential real estate clients understand the benefits of working with a marketing agency. By outsourcing day-to-day marketing task, they can focus on building their book of business through human contact, making outbound calls and scheduling face-to-face meetings with their sphere of influence and other prospects. 

It’s crucial for real estate professionals to keep in mind that how you market yourself as an agent determines your prospective success. Every new lead can present an opportunity for a new real estate transaction, leading to future sales. How does one acquire new prospects as an agent? It’s simple. Market yourself in every avenue possible. 

We have put together a hit list below to support your efforts. If you consistently focus on the following foundational marketing tips, you are aligned to achieve an increase in prospects and real estate deals.   



1. Social Media Marketing

Never underestimate the power of social media. Posting consistently is a great way to build your community. It can be very hard to stay on top of managing content and thinking of new and creative content to share. Here are some ideas you can explore to generate leads for your feed.

  • 2.89 billion monthly visitors on Facebook 
  • 1.386 billion monthly visitors on Instagram
  • 310 million monthly active users on LinkedIn

Keep in mind, the above numbers represent an entire market and since most residential real estate agents are focused in one or two zip codes, the total population will be a lot smaller. Get population stats by zip code here.

 Note: When formulating a real estate marketing plan remember to consider the total number of prospects in the respective city/market.

In addition to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, there are many more people using some form of a social media platform, and these are all simple, easy and FREE outlets to join and build an online and mobile friendly real estate presence.

Important Note: Having a free account on any social media platform is good, having an advertising avenue is even better.  Both Instagram & Facebook have cost effective advertising options that can deliver effective leads over time. Keep in mind, marketing is not a one-off winning strategy, long term planning will benefit you here.

       Key elements to consider:

  • Design ads effectively 
  • Set proper goals and budget 
  • Have a lead follow-up system
  • Target the right audience 


2. Build a Referral Program

Word of mouth, firsthand experience is the best way to get new real estate business. To set the process in motion, ask every one of your clients to write an online review to spread the word of your services. 

As you build your referral program, consider working with professionals that offer complimentary services like escrow, title, contractors, interior designers, insurance agents etc. Think of all the services buyers and sellers will need and incentivize your referral network to work with you. This process will create an intimate relationship that keeps your clients within your network for all real estate related needs. 

Note: Work with people with shared values. Ask and encourage existing clients to recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues. 


3. Email Marketing 

Email blasts are a great way to send consistent information to past clients and prospects. Personalization is best. By speaking directly in your content to a niche market like doctors, attorneys, or accountants, the information you share will resonate better. Keep in mind that your target audience should align with your business goals. Remind clients about the philosophy of your business, to separate you from your other competitors in the same market. (Catchy subject lines are easy ways to keep your audience engaged.) 

Keep your sphere of influence and target audience engaged with consistent email campaigns. A minimum of once a month.  Remember engagement can lead to more referrals. Get more follow-up tips here from our friends at Top Producer

       Key elements to consider:

  • Add a personal touch
  • Target the right audience
  • Send local updates and information 
  • Share the market insights & data 


4. Website

COVID-19 made having a website a MUST. The convenience of online resources allows clients to feel more comfortable with trusting your business. Having an online platform can increase brand awareness by making your service more accessible to the public. REMEMBER, not all clients are able to use virtual systems the same way, making sure your website is ADA compliant is being mobile friendly to all.

Ensure your website is professional and mobile friendly.

      Key elements to consider:

  • It’s all about leads. Create a funnel by turning prospects into clients.
  • Use interactive customization to enhance the look and feel.
  • Make sure your website is responsive and mobile friendly. 
  • Be sure to include accurate and appropriate information on the website.


5. Direct Mail

Postcards, handwritten letters and brochures are great ways to build a long lasting rapport with your target audience.  A personal and timely message that resonates with your audience is very likely to result in increased prospect buyer lists and potential new listings. The creative artwork and call to action also play a role in this process.  It is important to create carefully crafted content that is authentic to resonate with your target audience. Contact us for a Free consultation here!  https://m4rr.com/contact/


Did You Know?

37.5% of realtors surveyed use direct mail to find new prospects and grow their businesses.

       Key elements to consider:

  • Geography and knowledge of “niche” “local” markets is an important trait in the mind of a client. “Be The Market Expert”.
  • Safety is important to all homebuyers and sellers, the realtor that makes a conscious effort to build relationships with the police, fire, k-12 schools, parks and hospitals, can be a game changer.
  • Social proof – homebuyers and sellers want to know that an agent has helped other people in similar situations to achieve their home goals, so requesting reviews and sharing them on your social media pages, email blast and postcards is important.

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